Планировки домов куполов

Внутренние планировки купольных домов, на фото - разные варианты, однои двухэтажные.

 Это реально существующий дом купол - Флорида, США.

 Это тоже настоящий дом, стоит на озере Мичиган.

 FUTURO - футуристические дома и уже даже деревни! В Японии.

 Футуро домик в Японии.

 Транспортировка FUTURO дома.

 Футуристический дом на берегу озера и вид в кухне такого дома.

TellZall's object for May is the Dymaxion House

The Dymaxion House, a dome-shaped structure that looked likesomething out of a science fiction movie, could have been a commonsight across the United States in the second half of the twentiethcentury. Instead, different approaches to the home's construction meantthat Richard Buckminster Fuller's vision never came true.

Это отсюда.

 Fuller was the architect of the Dymaxion House and a successfulinventor. He had a great interest in how technology could be used toimprove the world. Fuller himself created the word "Dymaxion," whichwas a combination of three words: "dynamic," maximum," and "tension."He used this word to describe his inventions, which wereenvironmentally friendly, efficient, and self-sustaining. The DymaxionHouse was one of those unique inventions.

 Fuller built his first Dymaxion House in 1945, the year that World WarII ended. In the years following the Second World War, there was anenormous demand for new housing. The construction industry haddifficulty in meeting this demand. Fuller thought that the DymaxionHouse could be a solution to the housing shortage, as it was possibleto mass produce the structure and transport it to a final destination.In addition, his design was relatively inexpensive. Working classAmericans would be able to afford this home.

  • Мне очень очень понравилось. Просто ЗДОРОВО! Сама идея потрясающе проста!

  • Здорово!

  • Не то слово: мечта просто, а не дома!